Top Three

Many couples complain about having problems communicating or having lost intimacy over time.

Top Three is a communication exercise for couples to learn how to communicate about their experiences and learn about their partner. Top Three is an awareness and mindfulness exercise for self to increase presence.

The goal of Top Three is to be more aware of experience as it is happening and be able to communicate about that to your partner.

These are the rules (adapt to your style as you want):

  • Use something to record — for example — small pad that fits in pocket, piece of paper, notepad on digital phone or pad. Again, there are no rules, except recognizing the experiences and sharing.

Can you challenge yourselves to do this for 30 days in a row? Can you focus on communicating your experience? Can you focus on really listening to your partner’s Top Three?

Have fun and enhance every day with this mindfulness exercise in being more present in your life and connecting with your partner

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