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Gabriela Perez, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience working within difficult family dynamics. She is highly skilled in helping clients heal and rebuild trust in fractured relationships.

Her genuine and authentic desire to help others heal is what allows her to connect well with every member within a dynamic, be it parent/child, entire family units, or couples. Through her compassion and empathy, she is able to create a safe and encouraging space for others to build insight, self-awareness, and overcome barriers to growth. She provides her clients with concrete tools to help them along in their healing and growth process.

Gabriela’s many years of experience working in trauma and crisis has provided her with skills in managing intense and heavy topics without any judgement.

Clients identify feelings seen and heard by Gabriela, which allows them to open up when discussing their needs or views. She helps couples grow in their relationship by teaching healthier ways to manage times of adversity and understanding one another, while at the same time continuing to build upon their strengths as a couple.

Gabriela is passionate about helping others learn about themselves, grow, and create healthy relationships.

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