Online Couples Therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Do everyday conversations seem to turn into arguments filled with criticisms, defensiveness, or personal attacks?
  • Do you feel like you are living like roommates?
  • Do you feel stuck having the same conversation over and over again and never getting anywhere?
  • Has the revelation of an affair turned you and your relationship upside down?
  • Do you avoid each other or certain conversations because you know it will end up in a fight?
  • Do disagreements about parenting, money, in-laws, chores turn you into enemies instead of teammates?
  • Do you feel disconnected and wonder what happened to the intimacy and passion you used to share?
  • Has sex become an issue? Too much, too little, too dull…
  • Do you feel desperate or hopeless but are unsure if there is a way forward?
  • Are you thinking of moving your relationship to the next level and want to talk through common stumbling blocks couples find themselves in?
  • Revitalizing your sexual relationship.
  • Super negotiating for couples. A step-by-step approach for negotiating the toughest problems.
  • How to rapidly recover from a nasty argument. Stop the cold shoulders or aggressive escalations.
  • How and why one region of your brain is the trigger for most of the distress in your relationship and how to use that information to reduce or eliminate trauma.



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The Couples Institute Counseling Services

The Couples Institute Counseling Services

Specialized counseling services for couples and individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.